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Figurative art, portraits, pet portraits and still lifes by fine artist, Eric Bossik.
Still Life - pastel on paper

Still Life with Apples, Red Onion, Grapes & Shallot - Pastel on paper; 13 1/4" x 18"

*Outstanding Pastel Award*
Bold Brush Painting Competition - December, 2015
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Still life with Clementines
Still life with Clementines
Oil on canvas; 9 " x 12"
Artist Eric Bossik is Interviewed on The AME Radio Show
Eric Bossik is Interviewed on The AME Radio Show

Female Nude Drawing
"Female Nude Meditating "

Charcoal and white chalk on blue paper

How to Create an Underpainting Like the Old Masters
This E-Book will teach you:

  • Why underpainting is essential
  • How to light and compose a dramatic still life
  • How to create a realistic drawing from life
  • How to paint three-dimensional forms

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Female Nude Laying Down
"Female Nude Lying Down"
Sanguine and white chalk on cream colored paper

(Limited Edition Giclée prints are available)

Still Life with Pears, Tomatoes & Shallot
"Still Life with Pears, Cherry Tomatoes & Shallot"
Oil on canvas; 8" x 10"

News / Press Releases/ Interviews:

Eric Bossik Classic And Natural

“… We all have to learn real methods and techniques. I'm sure that people would expect their doctors to have training and not just practice on them. So why is it okay for artists to go into practice without training? The only way artists today can surpass the great master artists from the past is if they learn from them ...”Read the full interview....

Eric Bossik won the Outstanding Pastel AwardBold Brush Painting Competition
"Still Life with Apples, Red Onion, Grapes & Shallot"
Pastel on paper; 13 1/4" x 18"
Bold Brush Painting Competition - December, 2015
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Artist Eric Bossik is Interviewed on The AME Radio ShowArtist Eric Bossik is Interviewed on The AME Radio Show
In an interview with Jason Dowd, Executive Producer for the AME Radio Show, I spoke about the classical methods of painting and underpainting. The AME Show is broadcast every Saturday on AM FM 24/7, and in several U.S. States. You can listen to the interview when it airs on Saturday, October 24th at 5:00 P.M. (EST). Listen to the show....

Eric Bossik and still life with pears

The Armory Art Center's 2015 Faculty Exhibit
Eric Bossik's painting, "Still Life with Pears Tomatoes & Shallot",
is on exhibit at the Armory Art Center's 2015 Exhibition. Read more....

American International Fine Art Fair (AIFAF)

American International Fine Art Fair (AIFAF)
Eric Bossik's drawing, "Female Nude Lying Down" and still life painting, "Still life with Clementines" was exhibited in the Armory Art Center’s booth at the American International Fine Art Fair (AIFAF). The Art Fair was held on February 4th - 9th, 2014 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in Palm Beach, Florida. Read more....

Atlantic Avenue Magazine Interview with Eric Bossik

The Delray Beach Pineapple Newspaper

“I’m keeping the teaching style of the old master artists alive by modeling my art courses after their methods,” Bossik says. Students who take courses at the Bossik Academy of Fine Art experience a teaching environment similar to that of the ateliers and academies in France and Italy. Read more....

Sun-Sentinel interview with Eric Bossik
Reporter, Fallen Patterson interviewed Eric Bossik for the Wednesday edition of the Sun-Sentinel newspaper. In the interview Eric discussed his new art school, the Bossik Academy of Fine Art. Read more....

New Florida Art Academy Reflects the Rebirth of Classical Realism

At the Bossik Academy of Fine Art (, a new art studio in Delray Beach, Florida, students learn the drawing and painting methods used by the old masters like Rembrandt and da Vinci. Eric Bossik, an award-winning fine artist, started the academy to teach classical realism, a new and growing trend. Read more....

Florida Artist’s Work Reflects Revival of Classical Realism
At the upcoming American International Fine Art Fair, Eric Bossik, a top Florida artist, will exhibit nude figure drawings that exemplify the resurgence of classical realism in the art world. Read more....

American International Fine Art Fair (AIFAF)

Eric Bossik's drawing was exhibited at the American International Fine Art Fair (Armory Art Center Booth) February 5th - 10th, 2013, at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, West Palm Beach, Florida.

An Interview with Figure Painter and Classical Realist, Eric Bossik
 Why did you choose oils as your medium?

Eric: Oils are the most powerful and versatile medium in existence. The strongest images in museums were executed with oil paints. Oil paint exceeds every other medium today with its range of value, chroma, hue, impasto, translucency, and opalescence. You can use oils to work wet-in-wet dry brush (scumbling) and glazing. Read more....

Palm Beach Post

Coverage of Eric's oil painting used for the book cover of "The Last Victim", a novel by Elaine Bossik. Read more....

Master Copy of a Peter Paul Rubens Drawing by Eric Bossik
"Master Copy"

charcoal and chalk on paper

Art Courses:

Bossik Academy of Fine Art

Classical Oil Painting Course
I'll be teaching an ongoing private art class at my school, the Bossik Academy of Fine Art. If you're interested in learning step-by-step methods used by the old masters and would like to develop a finished painting, then this art class will help you.

This class trains you to translate what you see into a realistic painting on canvas. You learn how to compose and light your subject, create an accurate preliminary drawing, and build the underpainting that will help you produce the solid values and form essential to a successful painting. You will also learn how to do small studies that help you plan all the elements of your paintings. This class is for beginners and advanced students. The instruction is one on one and will accelerate your move up to  the next skill level. Learn more....

Classical Charcoal Drawing Course
(Ongoing private art class at my school, the Bossik Academy of Fine Art.) This class will teach how to use charcoal to create classical realistic drawings. Charcoal is an incredibly versatile medium for creating either sketchy or smooth polished drawings that resemble paintings. This class will explore different types of charcoal, a variety of papers and tools for manipulating charcoal. Learn how to light and compose subject matter, create three dimensional forms on a flat surface, and create various effects. The instruction is one-on-one and will enhance the skills of both beginner and advanced students. Learn more....


How To Develop The Underpainting
An underpainting is similar to the foundation of a house. A solid foundation can provide the best opportunity to create well-developed pet portraits. Read more...

Oil Painting Techniques

It's important to define the planes, which connect the different forms that comprise the subject of your pet portraits. Read more...

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