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Procedures for Commissioning a Pet Portrait

"I know the importance of capturing your pets personality. Capturing personality in a portrait is my specialty".

Pet portrait commissions are not a new phenomenon. They have been commissioned for hundreds of years. Pet portraits from past centuries now hang in palaces, museums, galleries and private homes around the world. People loved and cherished their pets then as much as they do today. Commissioning a portrait of your pet is the best way to preserve their memory.

I will meet with you and your pet to discuss your goals and expectations for a commissioned portrait. We'll discuss specific details about how you'd like your pet to be portrayed in the portrait. We'll also discuss posing, lighting, background furnishings and the possibility of adding a landscape as well.

I bring my camera and lighting equiptment to this meeting and I take many photos. We can view the photos on my laptop when I've completed the photoshoot. Viewing the photos on the spot can help us narrow down a good pose and lighting situation. We usually find a great shot from the photos, or we may want to arrange a second photo session. It's important to get great photo reference since drawing and painting from photos is always more difficult than working from life.

I require a 50% deposit once the photoshoot is complete and you're satisfied with a specific photo. I use this photo as the main reference for the portait painting. You receive a company reciept from me, which includes your payed deposit as well as the balance owed when the portrait is complete.

I present you with a preliminary sketch of the completed composition for your approval before beginning work on the final drawing and panting. Once the portrait is complete, I require the remaining 50% or final payment for the commission.

Your portrait will be ready to frame when it's completed, but it needs to be returned a year later so that a final varnish can be applied. The final varnish is essential and will protect your portrait for a lifetime. There is no additional charge for varnishing your portrait. You also have the option of taking the portait to an art conservator for the final varnish application.

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